Sunday, April 15, 2007

New York Attorney Establishes Free Copyright and Trademark Blog

New York intellectual property attorney Trebor Lloyd has established a blog, Trebor's Bite-Sized Bits featuring easily digestible information on copyright, trademark and other related areas of law--a blog that is specially aimed as a primer to give a basic background to lay persons who need some understanding of these topics in their art or business.

Trebor Lloyd, a veteran of New York law firms and owner of a small independent record label, has seen the importance of the law of copyright, trademark and the right of publicity in a world which has become increasing media-driven and has soared off into cyberspace.

"What I think struck me most when I spoke to lay persons, and very intelligent lay persons at that, were the many basic misunderstandings, misconceptions and 'urban myths' about the basics of copyright and trademark law and such related fields as the right of publicity and unfair competition. I thought it might be a useful service to provide a place where a lay person could pick up a very basic background in copyright and trademark concepts--and get it all in easily digestible chunks over a period of time," says Lloyd.

Thus was born Trebor's Bite-Sized Bits, a free blog that provides a very simple background on issues in these areas of law and then intends to build on that basic understanding, using it as a base to eventually explore new developments of interest to artists, musicians, photographers, small media businesses and others who might find some grounding in the law useful.

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