Sunday, November 11, 2007

MDFS Law Answers Questions Regarding Writer's Strike

With the writer's strike in full swing, attorney, Peter Davidson, a specialist in the field of bankruptcy/receivership law, says if the strike is not resolved soon, the duration of the strike and its far-reaching impact could prove an economic disaster for more than just the entertainment industry's cadre of writers.

Davidson, managing partner at Moldo Davidson Fraioli Seror & Sestanovich in Century City, California (more commonly known as MDFS Law) can answer the following questions or provide commentary, upon request. To reach Mr. Davidson, contact Cherie Kerr at 714 550-9900 (office); 714 271-2140 (cell) or email: You may also contact Jennifer Lee at

1. In addition to writers, what other entertainment industry professionals and businesses are likely to suffer the most financially?

2. What can writers (and others) do to stave off a bankruptcy if the strike lingers?

3. If writers or those whose income is largely dependent upon the entertainment industry are forced to file bankruptcy, when will that impact be seen?

4. What are the hidden dangers entertainment professionals may be surprised by if they should file bankruptcy?

5. How will a long strike affect the Los Angeles economy?

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