Thursday, May 1, 2008

Protect Your Art Without Hiring a Lawyer

Learn how to register your own copyright with the United States Copyright Office without an expensive attorney or costly registration service when you download COPYRIGHT FOR ARTISTS: QUICK AND EASY COPYRIGHT PROTECTION, a new e-book written by attorney and jeweler Sarah Feingold, Esq. ($14.00 at or

"You've worked really hard to produce your work, why not protect it?" says Feingold. "Attorneys usually charge upwards of $100.00 an hour to file a copyright registration. Copyright registration services can charge $150.00 for the same service. With my e-book, you can do this yourself!"

Whether you create art for fun, for profit, or both, Feingold says it is always advisable to register for copyright protection for your work: "Rights to your own original designs remain protected, and you will be prepared if anyone alleges that you violated someone's intellectual property rights. As an artist, it is important for you to know our rights, exercise your rights, and protect your rights."

Written in clear, simple-to-understand language, Feingold provides expert guidance and valuable advice about protecting your original works. More than 30 pages of basic definitions, examples, friendly at-a-glance charts, and important web links makes COPYRIGHT FOR ARTISTS an indispensable legal reference for business people, artists, teachers, and students associated with the craft industry.

In COPYRIGHT FOR ARTISTS, you will find ... basic copyright information; information about trademark law, patent law, trade secret law, and contract law; steps you need to take to register copyright for a work of visual art; links to U.S. Copyright registration forms; answers to frequently asked questions; and so much more!

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