Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Guide: MySpace Identity Theft Protection Guide, a leading provider of independent service reviews for consumers, is launching its free MySpace Identity Theft Protection Guide to help users of North America's largest social network protect themselves from falling victim to identity theft.

"MySpace's 110 million active users potentially represent a very large target for criminals of all kinds, including identity thieves," said Caitlin Podiak, Associate Editor at "Our guide is designed to raise awareness of the identity theft risks that face MySpace users and to provide some simple preventative measures that they can take to protect themselves."

The MySpace Identity Theft Protection Guide encourages users to take control of their personal MySpace profile page by proactively managing their privacy settings. For example, MySpace users should consider blocking unknown users from viewing their profile page.

The guide also suggests that users eliminate as much personally identifiable information, such as full date of birth, phone number and home address, from their MySpace profile page as possible. "MySpace users shouldn't publish anything on their profile page that they wouldn't divulge to a complete stranger," said Podiak. has also previously released a Facebook Identity Theft Protection Guide that includes similar tips for preventing identity theft on Facebook.

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