Saturday, September 13, 2008

"How to Copyright Songs" Service

ProveMyCopyright allows artists to copyright protect all their songs, lyrics and music in a single account at one low price.

How to copyright songs?

The online copyright registry for musicians,, today launched the latest improvement to the service which allows artists to copyright songs, copyright song lyrics, copyright music and much more.

The new service for both existing and new customers worldwide is an increase in their account size from 1Gb to 5Gb, but with no extra cost.

Douglas Baxter, Account Specialist at said: "ProveMyCopyright allows musicians to register the copyright to songs, by allowing them to upload them to a special account where they are fingerprinted and timestamped. This gives independent third party proof that the creator holds the copyright."

"We recognize the importance of allowing artists to show a trail of demos etc that prove they were the original creators and that is why we have always offered large accounts so artists can upload as many songs as they wish to register for copyright without having to worry about increasing costs."

"Now we have taken this to the next level by giving 5Gb accounts where artists can instantly register copyright on literally 1000's of songs at the one low price."

The team at also include free storage of all your copyright-able files for 10 years after the lifetime of your account which means that your files will be safely backed-up in case you every had a crash on your home computer.

The ProveMyCopyright service is available world wide and more information on how to copyright songs can be found at

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aliah said...

When you make your song, you should copyright your song because copyright is good to protect your original work and points you made is good, did get good information.
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