Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to Register a Trademark - Use a Lawyer to Defend Your Trademark or Copyright by John B. Mayall

No matter what form of invention you are involved into, you will need either a copyright or a trademark to protect the illegal activities of others on your inventions. A copyright is usually set out to protect intellectual works such as songs or writings while a trademark is used to cover industrial products. In order to get all this done, you will require the services of a lawyer. Whoever you decide to be your legal representative should be very qualified and have all the experience in intellectual property law. Your lawyer should also be able to defend you if there are any legal proceedings in relation to your trademark or copyright. He also has to prepare your file for the application of a patent or copyright and take care of all that is linked to the issuance of the copyright or trademark.

Your legal representative should be well educated on matters relating to patents and copyrights. It will be of added benefit is he or she has a law studies background and has gone through a law school with thorough studies in intellectual property law.

Why is it always required to employ the services of an agent? This is simply because your legal representative is that person who is qualified, has the time and knows all what it takes to get a trademark or copyright and have them registered. He or she will begin the procedure of registering your trademark or copyright from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office or from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Keep in mind that this bureau will take care of agents in the same manner as it will do to lawyers and this will be more feasible if the agent is a registered one.

When there is a violation to a trademark or a copyright, a complaint will be lodged at the United States Court of Appeals and this tribunal is found in the Federal Circuit. If the person who breaches the copyright or trademark is found guilty, there will be a pecuniary remedy or an injunction to stop a further breach of the acts. But the option of which remedy to use lies on the copyright or trademark holder. Your attorney should equally make this known to you. Not every copyright or trademark holder will have knowledge of this.

Where Can You Find A Lawyer For This Purpose?

A lot of means are open to you to let you find a lawyer. One of the most appropriate places to search for a lawyer should be the internet. When thinking of the internet, always think about United States Patent & Trademark Office's official website. This site can give you dependable information about available copyright and trademark lawyers.

Before making your selection, make sure that whoever you decide to be your attorney should have a good legal training. It is good that this proposed lawyer should have some accreditation from two or more bar associations. You should be lucky because there are about three thousand accredited copyright and trademark lawyers in the whole or the US and almost seven thousand two hundred acknowledged agents. These numbers are very active in providing some useful services to their clients at the United States Patent & Trademark Office. You should not rely on any name found in this site or from any journal. Your ultimate choice should be based on the experiences that your would-be lawyer possesses. Your can get to know these from feedbacks or recommendations of former clients. You can also meet and talk to your would-be lawyer and asks question to test if he or she has your interests at heart. When you have chosen your lawyer, you must work together with the lawyer in order to realize your dreams. Keep in mind that both of you have a common purpose and this is about getting your copyright or trademark registered.

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