Monday, June 22, 2009

Use Copyright Free Music to Get More Value From Online Videos by Marlie Parsons

What is the connection between using copyright free music and getting more benefits from uploading videos to online video sharing sites such as YouTube? In a word, it's professionalism.

Most professional internet marketers know the value of posting videos on the Internet. There are multiple benefits. Even if nobody ever watches your video, if you include your website URL in the description of your video, this will be a valuable backlink to help drive traffic to your page because search engines tend to view video sharing sites, especially YouTube, as authority sites, on which backlinks are more heavily weighted.

Despite the value of these backlinks, posting a video that reflects badly on yourself of your business will not do you very much good in the long run. That is why, if you are going to upload a video that promotes your goods or services to prospective customers, you are doubtlessly going to want it to impress those prospects positively. Obviously, the better they feel about you and what you are selling, the more predisposed they are going to be to visit your site and do business with you.

Online videos are excellent examples of the old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is why including professional sounding background music as part of your video production will most likely to a long way toward influencing people in a positive way.

If you ever watch a movie on DVD or a TV commercial with the sound turned off, you know how important the audio component is to lend emotion and depth to the pictures on the screen. Leaving out this sound element is like cake without the icing or a hot dog without any mustard or ketchup. It seems incomplete.

Internet entrepreneurs who want to take full advantage of the potential of online videos know their productions need the full impact that background music provides, and there are several ways to obtain music without breaking the law and getting into trouble.

Of course, video sharing websites require that any video you upload must meet copyright requirements. If you use someone else's music without permission, you can not only get your video taken off, you could even get banned as well as facing potential lawsuits.

If money is no object, you could hire a producer and musicians to create custom background music, but for most people, this is simply too costly an option to be realistic. Many online companies are now selling copyright free music, but most of these are priced in the neighborhood of $10 per track or $50 per CD. Unless you are in the business full time, even this relatively low price can threaten to stretch the budgets of a lot of part-time internet marketers.

That is why anyone who is truly interested in benefiting from the value of using professional copyright free background music to enhance their videos is well advised to search carefully until a more affordable source of production music may be located.

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