Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tips to Register Trademarks For Companies by Lenny Parker

Typical association will always consider copyright and trademark law since it play an important role in all activities of every association. The trademark is important to do when it made to protecting your own intellectual property or avoiding the infringing of others.

There are many well informed sources to explain the details about trademark process without the involvement of lawyers. Some advanced advice and guidance of counsel is required in formulating and implementing your association's intellectual property policies.

You should know basic framework for effective policies and practices in the copyright and trademark area. Firstly, you should use copyright notices on and in connection with all creative works published by your association and trademark notices on all trademarks, service marks, and certification marks owned and used by your association.

This action can significantly enhance your intellectual property rights, including eliminating an "innocent infringement" defense

Next, you need to strengthen your trademark by register it. Your association's name, logos, slogans, certification marks, and all other important marks with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office are important items to register.

This means a lot to enhance and enforce them while federal registration of your marks is not required to obtain and maintain trademark rights. It is also essential to obtain domain name registrations for all available names you plan to use in the future and catch registrations from others if your association has superior rights to the domain name.

After you completed register your trademarks symbol, you also need to register your copyrights. This topic can be expanded if you have a large company with many products. Items that need to be registered including association's Web site, publications and all other important, original, creative works that are fixed in any print, electronic, audio-visual, or other tangible medium with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Trademark and copyright registration for companies is a very simple and inexpensive process. It is a provision to filing suit to enforce your rights and confers other valuable benefits while such registration is not required to obtain and maintain a copyright in a work.

Get another helpful advice and tips about trademark in registering a trademark.

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