Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things to Consider Before Registering a Trademark Symbol by Lenny Parker

Symbol or logo for company is the best method to show your company identity. There is little consideration when you want to register your symbol or logo for company.

Registering a trademark or company logos requires design search which can be performed by trademark attorney or lawyer.

A trademark lawyer should review this design search to ensure that your trademark logo is original. Your design logo should not infringe upon other trademark logos. Your trademark attorney can tell you on whether it is safe to start proceed registering the company name as a trademark or not.

Do not forget to codify all licenses in writing. Your trademark attorney or lawyer will help you. This means you should put the terms and conditions of the license in writing not only for logo but also your name, copyrighted works, and other intellectual property.

This step is important when your association lets others like members chapters, affiliated entities, or endorsed vendors use your logo. You should make a valid assignment as must an exclusive license or permission to use.

You may want to limited license for a specific use. More copyright problems arise when others claim to have appropriate permission to use all intellectual property including your logo. You may learn that a separate fee and permission is required in your logo license.

Since the trademark symbol and other contact information contained in your membership directory, mailing labels, and membership list are generally are not protected by copyright, it is essential for you to use license or other form of contractual commitment to define explicit, binding limits and conditions on the use of your logo by members, vendors and others.

Free trademark symbol or logo may be available on the Internet. But almost all free trademark logos will not reflect the unique aspects of your company.

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