Monday, February 26, 2007

Filmmaker Has Bone to Pick With HBO, Fuqua

Award-winning African-American filmmaker, Matthew McDaniel, has filed a federal court lawsuit in Los Angeles against HBO, Antoine Fuqua, Fuqua Films, and Cle "Bone" Sloan, in response to their unauthorized use of his now-famous footage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots in their film "Bastards of the Party." The lawsuit alleges against all defendants claims of copyright infringement, fraud, breach of contract, and unfair competition. The lawsuit seeks both monetary damages and injunctive relief.

McDaniel has spent the past twenty (20) years documenting the condition of the black community in America. McDaniel's footage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots is unique in that it contains exclusive, personal interviews with a number of the rioters in the midst of their rioting. The footage is arguably best known as the source of many of the spoken word audio quotes contained on musical artist Dr. Dre's ground-breaking rap album "The Chronic" and for its use in McDaniel's award-winning documentary "Birth of a Nation: 4-29-1992." Mr. McDaniel is represented by Farhad Novian, Esq. and William R. H. Mosher, Esq., Novian & Novian, LLP.

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