Saturday, July 7, 2007

All About Copyright Lawyers

Copyright lawyers deal with many different subjects such as Internet law, intellectual property, patents and trademarks, and of course, your copyright laws. Each lawyer has attended school for some time to get a degree to help you, which means they know more about the law than you do.

Some mistakes website owners make is when they buy articles online; many times a buyer assumes they have full copyright. This isnt always the case, depending on the agreement of ownership. To make sure you dont fall into this trap, you should have a lawyer create a contract before you hand over any money; this way you know for sure if you have full ownership or if the writer does. You have three different categories you may purchase an article: usage, full, and unique. A copyright lawyer will explain exactly what each one means. Usage means the buyer gets to use the article one time, but the writer can use it again or resell it. Full rights will give the buyer all rights; they can even place their name on the article, saying they wrote it.

A copyright lawyer will never tell you that you dont have to register your copyright; in fact they will encourage you to do it. Sure, they get money to do it for you, but you will have documented proof of your copyright ownership. If you dont file it, you cant sue if someone uses your information.

A copyright lawyer is not cheap. Most copyright lawyers will have special discounts on packages, which mean you can get a lot more than what you originally walked in for. Usually your lawyer will even advise you of things you didnt even have knowledge about.

A copyright lawyer can help you better understand the laws of the virtual world, as well as the real world. Every day someone new is getting sued over content on the Internet. It can be as simple as someone stealing an article, quote, song or a picture. A big issue is using another companys name in your tags to get the search engines to rank you higher. Other issues may be with bloggers today. Be careful with what you say about your places of business; not only could you get in trouble for any copyrighting issues but slander is another big issue.

Many people only look for a copyright lawyer when they want to copyright something or sue someone, but they normally don't think about hiring a copyright lawyer when they are being sued. This is definitely the person you want on the job defending you if the time comes. Before you hire a copyright lawyer, if you have any other questions call them up and ask them. Lawyers love to give advice, especially if they think youll be hiring them.

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