Sunday, July 22, 2007

Identity Safeguards Launches Identity Theft Blog

Identity Safeguards, the leader in identity theft prevention and recovery services, has launched a new blog. Titled, Identity Theft Prevention and Recovery, and located at, the blog will discuss issues, legislation, best practices and market movements associated with the explosion of identity theft in the country.

"Consumers have been inundated by news coverage, advertisements, and various identity theft protection methods and offers. Some information is legitimately helpful, but a large majority of the information is misleading and misinformed," said Identity Safeguards president Rick Kam. "As a result, many people are unaware of the steps they need to follow if their identity is stolen or the signs they should look for to prevent identity theft. They simply do not know what to believe."

Used as a new platform to provide education and symposium to consumers and industry participants, including the latest news, technologies and identity theft protection, detection and correction tips, the blog will rely on Kam, other noted identity theft industry experts from Identity Safeguards, and members of this community.

According to a recent report from the Better Business Bureau and Javelin Research, on average over 9 million people become victims of identity theft annually. And there is a 1 in 25 chance of an individual becoming a victim of identity theft-one identity is compromised every 4 seconds.

"Identity thieves are becoming savvier and consumers must become savvier with them," said Doug Pollack, chief marketing officer at Identity Safeguards. "As a thought leader, Identity Safeguards intends for this blog to explore issues and trends in identity theft that are of interest to consumers and corporations alike."

Rick Kam is an expert on identity theft protection and has worked with large national and international associations, businesses, financial institutions and state & federal law enforcement organizations on implementation of identity theft protection services. He has been invited to speak on identity theft protection before the FBI Identity Theft Task Force, Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau.

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