Saturday, February 23, 2008

Political Phishing and Malware Threats

SPAMfighter is warning e-mail users against the threat of political phishing and malware in political spam mails. With the interest in the upcoming election and more money being raised online for political campaigns, the risk of scams and phishing has grown.

Political campaigns have not been protecting e-mail users and themselves against such threats. For example, in each e-mail, they add a link to a site where those interested can make a contribution to their campaign. This link and e-mail can easily be emulated by phishers wishing to scam e-mail users.

It is difficult to tell whether or not your money has been received by the political campaign or a phisher, as there are no deliverable goods. When purchasing a book, for example, online, the book arrives in the mail. However, with political campaigns, the only form of acknowledgement that the money has been received is by e-mail. This e-mail can also be easily copied by the phisher.

Without taking precaution and using the proper protection, it is difficult for e-mail users to tell the difference between phishing mails and legitimate e-mails. Phishing mails look and link to exact replicas of legitimate e-mails and sites. This makes it very difficult to tell if the money you are contributing is going to the right place, and if the site you are entering your personal information on is secure.

Spammers are also targeting e-mail users with malware. A recent spam mail with a malicious attachment was found with the subject "Hillary Clinton Full Video!!!"

E-mail users are warned to always use caution when clicking links or opening attachments in their e-mail, especially when the user is unknown. In addition, it is important to have credible protection against phishing. The spam filter and anti phishing software, SPAMfighter filters 99% of all phishing mails, and can be downloaded free here:

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