Saturday, March 15, 2008

Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism at Highest Levels in Years

Thanks to a new company by the name of CopyTrust (, Web publishers no longer have to worry about content thieves and plagiarism. In fact, because of their newly developed proprietary technology, which scans the Internet looking for cases of copyright infringement, CopyTrust is confident enough to guarantee results or clients don't pay.

The company is offering two unique services:

One Time Copy Protection -- They will track and remove copies of specific posts or sections of a Web site, which have been specified by the client.

Ongoing Copyright Protection -- They will monitor all of the newly published content on the client's Web site to make sure no one is copying it without permission.

"Our pricing structure is a unique one," said managing director Daniel Scocco. "Basically, our clients only pay when an actual infringing Web page is taken down. It's a 'pay per take down', if you will."

Once CopyTrust identifies a copyright violation, their legal department begins the process of having the page (or pages) removed.

"We have a standard procedure divided in layers," said Ron Pagano, head lawyer of the company. "Initially we notify the Web site owner about the copyright infringement, asking him either to use a quote of your content and link back to the original version (that way our clients also gain backlinks on the process) or to remove it completely."

Should the initial step fail, CopyTrust pushes forward on their client's behalf. Going as far as contacting the service provider that is hosting the copied content by fax and phone, or in extreme cases, discussing the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit.

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