Saturday, June 21, 2008

Copyright Alliance Launches One Voice Campaign

The Copyright Alliance is marking its one-year anniversary with the announcement of a campaign to engage, educate and enlist creators across America in the dialogue about copyright and its importance to the U.S. economy and the livelihoods of millions of Americans.

"The Copyright Alliance was formed with the singular purpose of serving as a collective voice and advocate on behalf of the 11 million Americans whose livelihoods depend on the principle of copyright," said Executive Director Patrick Ross. "I can think of no better way to mark this milestone than to launch an effort to bring more individual voices to the discussion."

The Alliance is launching the "one voice" outreach campaign that encourages creators to join the Alliance and "Create your work. Define yourself. Protect your copyrights." The campaign will include both targeted online outreach and a new presence at key trade shows, festivals and other annual events throughout the year.

Individuals who join the effort will have access to a network of other creators concerned about copyright via an interactive members-only web site. The site will also provide helpful resources and information about copyright to creators with questions.

The "one voice" member site debuted today. In addition, the Alliance has updated the look of its public site, and is also unveiling a monthly e-newsletter for policy makers and hosting a reception in Washington, DC, all in conjunction with its one-year anniversary. The Alliance debuted in May of 2007.

The first stops for the "one voice" campaign will include the National Music Publishers' Association Annual Meeting in New York City in June. Also on the agenda is the Annual Americana Music Association Conference in Nashville in September. Other dates and locations will be added.

"The Copyright Alliance is the only organization in the United States that acts on behalf of all artists and creators in all fields -- from the performing arts to the written word to software development -- to promote the importance of copyright and its economic, cultural and educational implications for creators and their communities," Ross said.

In its first year, the Alliance has made strides in a number of mission-critical areas of advocacy and education, including engagement in public discourse, outreach to lawmakers and dialogue with the academic community.


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