Sunday, October 12, 2008

Learn About Copyright Law for Free

Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) is calling on those in the creative community to spread the word about protecting the rights of image creators through copyright education. In support of this effort PACA developed the Jane Kinne Copyright Education Program, which can be streamed online or ordered on DVD. The free one-hour presentation provides a thorough review of copyright law in the United States and how it applies to the use of imagery in advertising, the news media and fine art.

Copyright law is a pivotal topic in our Nation's Capitol today and one that affects everyone in the creative process from agency owners and buyers to photographers and art departments. However, it has been a somewhat overlooked point of emphasis in the training of employees throughout the industry. This oversight cannot continue to persist in light of new technologies and laws that challenge the long-standing interpretations

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse when using an image without proper consent," said Nancy Wolff, PACA's legal counsel and an expert on copyright law. "Understanding copyright law is essential for anyone working in the field of photography. This program provides the creative community with invaluable information in regards to what is protected by copyright and understanding often misused terms such as the ‘fair use' doctrine."

Moreover what may be appropriate for use in some instances might be completely illegal under different circumstances. In today's world everyone from business owners and executives to department managers and entry level staff must understand basic copyright regulations to avoid liability for themselves.

The PACA Copyright Education video includes real-world cases with images and detailed explanations of how the parties viewed the claimed infringements and how the courts assessed them. It is an outstanding tool for training staff members and, when appropriate, clients as well. Wolff created the presentation using laymen's language that can be clearly presented during internal staff trainings and executive meetings.

Wolff examines what copyright law protects and for how long, what is fair use, what is and what is not infringement, and explains how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can be used to ask ISP's to remove infringing works from the Internet. PACA encourages creative professionals and all organizations involved with the use or creation of images to watch this lecture about copyright law.

Visit PACA's website for more information on Jane Kinne Copyright Education Program. You can stream the copyright presentation or quickly download the PowerPoint presentation from this page. Either way this lecture will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to any curriculum.

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