Monday, September 20, 2010

The Importance of Registering a Trademark For Your Business

One of the most important investments you can make in your business is to protect your company's unique look, or "face" of your company. Whether this is in the form of a name, phrase, logo, word or symbol, if it represents your company, it should be protected. That is why officially registering a trademark for your business is such an important step.

There are many negative consequences that could happen to your business should you neglect to register a trademark. As a business, you could lose the image of your business should another company have the same or similar name, logo or phrase. If this occurs and the other company has their trademarks registered, you would not only lose yours, but may have to pay monetary damages for infringing on their trademark(s).

Unfortunately, many businesses have to deal with these and other consequences simply by the lack of having registered a trademark. Imagine the consequences that would affect your business should another company's registered trademark be the same or similar to yours.

Your business may have to completely re-design your logo, change your business name or create a new phrase or slogan. This could confuse your current customers and clients, vendors and affiliates. Not to mention the costs of re-printing all materials and the advertising it would take to get your company's new image in the public eye.

By registering your trademark, you are protecting your business from this and other possible negative scenarios that can happen to businesses that lack a trademark. Trademark registration protects your business and unique company logo, slogan or other image that you and your customers depend on to stay consistent and represent your products or services.

By registering your trademark, you are giving your company as well as yourself as a business owner several means of protection. Federal registration protects your trademark across the country, even if you aren't a national company. Depending on state laws, state trademark registration can offer additional trademark infringement protection.

The negative affects of not registering your trademark are just too great to neglect this important step for your company. And the protection that registering your trademark provides is too beneficial for you to be without.

Unfortunately, many businesses do neglect this step because of the time and hassle that a trademark registration process can take. However, there are companies and services that can help your company through the process, saving you time and money and getting the necessary work done so you can feel confident and secure.

Wendy Moyer is a professional writer. Trademarks 411 allows you to register a trademark easily with services including trademark searching and trademark application processing.

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michael said...

Thanks for discussing the importance of trademark registration to a business. I'm planning to start a business and I think I should start thinking of my own trademark name.