Sunday, September 2, 2007

A New Resource in the Battle to Combat Click Fraud

Matthews Middleware Consulting have begun publishing a new blog dedicated to combating click fraud. Their new blog Fraudulent Clicks is a central repository for developments in click fraud monitoring, investigation and reparation

Click fraud is the practice of clicking on a competitors pay per click advertisements from search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The purpose of this is two fold. Firstly there is a direct financial cost to the competitors as they have to pay for the click without the benefit of a sale from their e-commerce website. The second outcome of click fraud is to allow a company to get their own pay par clicks higher on the search engines as the competitors advertising budget is wasted on invalid clicks. Click fraud is done either manually or via automated software known as click bots.

Fraudulent Clicks aims to be the premier portal for all developments in click fraud monitoring, investigation and reparation of fees paid out to search engines for invalid clicks.

MMC is a click fraud consultancy offering click fraud monitoring services to companies throughout the EU as well as being the publisher of Fraudulent Clicks.


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