Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spam Containing Link to Fake US Soldier’s Blog in Iraq Spreads Trojan

SPAMfighter Consumer Alert -- E-mail users are now getting, what looks like, a chance to view a soldier's blog on his experiences in Iraq. Users are encouraged to click on a link in order to read what the US soldier has experienced. However, the link in this e-mail connects the e-mail user to a fake blog that appears legitimate, and without their knowledge, two Trojans are installed into their computer. SPAMfighter products have already stopped this threat for all 3.8 + million of their members.

"Spammers and virus creators try to lure e-mail users in by using very intriguing topics that many people would be likely to click on. It is very important e-mail users never click on a link in an e-mail unless it is from a known sender," comments Managing Director of SPAMfighter North America Alix Aranza.

The spam mail encourages users to go to see the blog of a group of Soldiers in Iraq. The site users are taken to a virus website that looks legitimate and extremely real as the creators of this website have reused legitimate pictures from other real blog sites, as well as videos from YouTube.

The spam mail encourages users to forward this website on to their friends as well. Because the site looks legitimate, users are more inclined to forward it, thereby infecting other computer users without the virus creators having to do anything. This mail will be filtered for all SPAMfighter users. Download a free trial of SPAMfighter at

When a computer user arrives at the website, two Trojans are installed. These Trojans are called W32/Exploit.Gen and RIFF/Ani_exploit.gen. Both of these Trojans can be removed with VIRUSfighter. VIRUSfighter can be downloaded free here:

E-mail users are reminded to remain alert, and use caution when opening links, or files. Computer users are also highly recommended to have an updated security system with anti-spam and anti-virus programs.

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