Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pirates of the Internet, Beware!

Congress is stepping up its crackdown on Internet piracy on universities in an effort to help the entertainment industry and higher education work together. Nineteen universities have received letters demanding they curb piracy or Congress "will be forced to act."

"The fact that copyright piracy is not unique to college and university campuses is not an excuse for higher education officials to fail to take reasonable steps neither to eliminate such activity nor to appropriately sanction such conduct when discovered," said a letter addressed to President Martin C. Jischke, Purdue University, on May 1, 2007. Purdue is among the top 10 universities with the most illegal Internet downloading activity in the U.S.

Recent studies reveal that 44 percent of domestic piracy losses suffered by the U.S. motion picture industry - more than a half billion dollars annually - can be attributed to college students, while a Spring 2006 survey by Student Monitor found more than half of all college students download music and movies illegally.

Source: SafeMedia Corp.

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