Sunday, May 13, 2007

Video Fingerprints Prevents Copyright Infringement

Advestigo has launched AdvestiPRINT™, a revolutionary stand-alone appliance that allows motion picture content owners to generate video fingerprints on their own to prevent copyright infringement.

AdvestiPRINT is part of Advestigo’s comprehensive solution for automatically filtering copyrighted files uploaded to user-generated content (UGC) websites. Advestigo’s technology has already been installed at, and used by, some of the world’s leading content providers.

“AdvestiPRINT empowers studios to start protecting video content prior to release or distribution,” says Michel Roux, President and CEO, Advestigo. “This breakthrough software will also come as a relief to UGC websites that must work closely with studios to detect or filter copyrighted content.”

Beyond copyright management, AdvestiPRINT also enables UGC websites to generate video fingerprints on a local level for a number of purposes – to “de-duplicate” files, to automatically monitor any previously disqualified content (for instance, characterized as violent, explicit, etc.) and to comply with court decisions by filtering specific banned content in uploaded copies (accurate or similar).


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