Sunday, August 26, 2007 Helps Copyright Holders to Recoup Lost Revenues Due to Piracy

Nexicon Inc. has launched its new Anti-Piracy initiative: uses Nexicon's advance peer to peer file sharing intelligence to bill illegal down loaders for titles they hold on their computers. The system allows the pirates the chance to come clean for a marginal price to avoid prosecution in the future from the specific rights holders.

Nexicon's GetAmnesty(TM) Anti-Piracy Enforcement Program is the most comprehensive solution to digital piracy available today. The Program arms copyright owners with specific, accurate and extremely useful information about infringers and their content preferences, and equips copyright owners to convert infringers into paying customers. The GetAmnesty(TM) Program enables copyright owners to identify violators with precision, document specific copyright infringements perpetrated by the same infringer, and obtain compensation efficiently and cost effectively. GetAmnesty(TM) is the next generation of anti-piracy technology because it not only provides much more information for enforcement purposes, but also enables content owners to derive significant incremental revenue from their anti-piracy programs, recasting anti-piracy as a revenue enhancer, rather than as an expense.

Nexicon developed the GetAmnesty(TM) Program at the suggestion of a major copyright owner trade association. The program is the result of an evolution of enforcement techniques in the field of digital copyright protection. It combines unprecedented intelligence gathering and data manipulation tools using the most flexible and highly evolved search and data mining functionality available today. The entire Program provides an unrivalled means for identifying and documenting copyright violations. The Program offers significant and distinct advantages over existing anti-piracy methods. It identifies many more of an infringer's activity. It also has an extremely low rate of "false positives" -- avoiding potentially embarrassing situations in which a user is incorrectly identified as having violated copyright laws. The Program thereby reduces copyright owners' costs in targeting digital pirates, as fewer resources are wasted on mistakenly prosecuting legitimate users.

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Grumpy said...

*rolls eyes* Have you actually visited that website? It's crap - my first thought was "this is a scam by someone phishing for credit card numbers". If it really is legit, they need to put a lot of work into it to make it look professional.

Furthermore, I would question the ability of anyone to actually offer amnesty from prosecution for those "customers" willing to admit they broke the law. If one was to receive a notice from Nexicon (no explanation as to how they get your contact information, either), and take it seriously enough to pay them the demanded charges (no indication what that could be), what is the actual guarantee that they'd be safe from prosecution? Does Nexicon send a note to their local DA stating that this individual is forever exempt from being prosecuted for infringing on Nexicon's clients' IP? Is this a "get out of jail free" card for any future infringement? And can a civilian (non-DOJ) agency of any kind actually offer that protection? What if the DA decides to prosecute the infringer regardless, since they broke a federal law?

I say this whole thing is a scam. If it turns out to be actually backed by RIAA or MPAA, somebody could get charged with running a protection racket (IANAL). Fortunately, it'll probably shut down pretty soon. I can't imagine their so-called data mining techniques to hold up as legitimate evidence in a court of law, either. As we're seeing in the doomed battles that RIAA is fighting right now, I doubt that Nexicon's attempt to cash in on the filesharing industry will amount to much.