Sunday, August 5, 2007

Solid Oak Software Releases Free MySpace Blocker

Internet content management software publisher Solid Oak Software has released a free Social Networking Blocker. The new product is called CYBERsitter Social Networking Blocker and is designed for blocking access to the popular MySpace and FaceBook. It also blocks access to several hundred known "Web Proxies" that kids use to bypass filtering programs.

MySpace has increasingly become a web destination that may prove dangerous to children and teens. With the discovery last week of over 29,000 registered sex offenders with MySpace profiles, the danger level is reaching critical proportions. It begs the question that if there were 29,000 registered sex offenders with MySpace profiles, how many are there that did not use their real names when signing up? And, there may be 10 times that many that have never been arrested or convicted.

Solid Oak has been continuously in the Internet filtering business since 1995 under the same ownership. “We have been doing this longer than anyone else out there,” says Brian Milburn, president of Solid Oak Software. “We have the expertise, we know the web sites, and we know the dangers, and we are stepping up and giving away a tool we hope will help keep kids a little safer and help parents sleep a little better,” Milburn adds.

The product is designed for families who might not normally feel they need, want, or can afford other content management solutions such as CYBERsitter, SnoopStick, or other Internet filtering software products. It can also provide a second layer of defense even when other filtering software is installed.

CYBERsitter Social Networking Blocker is available now for Windows 95 through Windows Vista, and will be available for MAC computers on August 1, 2007. It is completely free for personal use.

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