Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thirteenth Annual Advanced Patent and Licensing Seminar

Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, a leading international intellectual property law firm, has announced plans for its 13th Annual Advanced Patent and Licensing Seminar to be held September 10 - 21 in the firm's East Coast Office located in Falls Church, Virginia.

This annual two week seminar will include presentations on the enforcement of U.S. patents, the avoidance of infringement of U.S. patents by competitors, validity and negotiation techniques directed toward patent licenses, and other settlement agreements, according to Leonard Svensson, Managing Partner of the firm’s West Coast office located in San Diego.

"The lectures and breakout sessions will focus on the legal significance to biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical, chemical, computer, electrical and mechanical technology industries,” Svensson said. “This valuable practical training cannot be obtained through legal texts, and the forum includes open discussion and active participation by the attendees."

"Other topics to be presented will include the doctrine of equivalents, prosecution history estoppel and the 'all elements rule', with relevant court decisions," Svensson further explained. “Workshops will also be held so attendees can analyze patent validity and infringement issues, participate in licensing and settlement negotiations and discuss litigation strategies.”

To register for this exclusive seminar contact Andrew D. Meikle or Paul C. Lewis by e-mailing or by calling BSKB at 1-703-205-8000 or 1-858-792-8855. A reasonable knowledge of patent law is required.

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