Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hollywood Superstars are Targeted by Identity Thieves

Authorities announced earlier this week that a major identity theft ring was busted in northeast Philadelphia. While the average consumer has become almost immune to these stories, the irony of this story caught everyone by surprise. The list of targeted victims included superstars like Paris Hilton, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez and Donovan McNabb. Thieves are getting smarter with their tactics which requires consumers to become armed with the education and information to defend them against this crime.

Michael Durnack, identity defense expert and president and CEO of Identity Defense, said, "This crime is one of the most violating crimes imaginable. The victim is stripped of their most personal information and left to clean up the mess." Durnack goes on to say, "It's a crime that the average consumer can defend themselves from with a few, simple steps."

The first step taken in the fight against identity theft is on Identity Defense has created a proprietary ID risk assessment that categorizes the threat level of an individual's risk to identity theft. When the assigned ID risk level has been determined, personalized recommendations for modifying habits and behaviors to reduce risk are offered with Identity Defense's Customized Personal Report (CPR). The process is simple and gives the consumer control of his personal information.

Durnack states, "This is comparable to fire prevention, not firefighting."

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