Sunday, August 19, 2007

Illegal Use of Copyrighted Articles Costs Knowledge Networks $300,000

The Software & Information Industry Association, the principal trade association for the software and content industry, today announced the first settlement in its Corporate Content Anti-Piracy Program (CCAP). SIIA reached a $300,000 agreement to settle copyright infringement claims against Knowledge Networks, Inc. Knowledge Networks agreed to work with SIIA and its member companies to initiate a proactive internal program to avoid future infringement. The program will include educating executives and professionals on copyright compliance and licensing and ensuring that proper licenses are obtained for use of copyrighted materials.

Knowledge Networks is a mid-sized market research company with offices in San Francisco, New York and several other cities. The firm's marketing group had been distributing "press packets" internally to certain employees on a regular basis. The packets sometimes included -- without authorization or license -- copyrighted articles owned by SIIA members such as the Associated Press, Reed Elsevier, and United Press International.

SIIA learned of the infringement though a confidential tip and a subsequent investigation verified its reliability. As a result of the settlement, the individual who reported the case to SIIA is receiving a reward of $6,000 under the SIIA reward program.

The Knowledge Networks settlement represents the latest victory in SIIA's aggressive efforts and industry leadership in fighting content and software piracy. Recently, SIIA reached a $205,000 settlement in an eBay software piracy case.

SIIA offers rewards ranging from $500 to $1 million to eligible individuals who report infringement by a corporation or other organization. Individuals interested in learning more about the reward program, or submitting a piracy report, can do so through SIIA's hotline at 800.388.7478 or SIIA's online Piracy Report Form at

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